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Solid Conditioner Manufacturing Line: Elevate Your Production Line with Melt & Pour Conditioner Bars.

The manufacturing line for solid conditioners involves several steps. First, ingredients are mixed and melted together. Then, the mixture is poured into molds and left to cool and harden. Finally, the solid conditioners are packaged and ready for distribution.

Our state-of-the-art Solid Conditioner Manufacturing Line is a game changer for increasing production and improving overall quality.


Creating Your Custom
Solid Conditioner

Concept & Formulation

Our state-of-the-art facility will produce your private label conditioner with precision and care.

Packaging & Shipping

Create a unique and eye-catching packaging design that reflects your brand identity.

Production & Manufacturing

Work with our experts to develop the perfect shave soap formula for your brand.

Quality Control

Every batch of shave soap undergoes rigorous quality control testing to ensure excellence.

Making solid conditioner, alternative shave products, deodorant and melt & pourt soap bars

We’re going to break this down as easily as possible.

Raw Materials

Sourcing basic materials like coconut oil and cocoa butter are easy, 8 on a scale of 1-10. Fragrances can be a bit more difficult to source and are a 6 on a scale of 1-10. The solid surfactants and conditioning agents are the most difficult, 2 on a scale of 1-10. This is why we recommend and insist that we purchase ALL the raw materials before we start production as a cheap hedge against supply shortages and cost increases.

Steam Kettle

Holds over 1200 pounds of material and can reach temperatures of 220ºF+. The 3 HP motor and agitator easily mixes all product thoroughly and in a timely manner.


This is a must to make sure small or larger particles of anything, whether it be micas, butters, conditioner agents or undesirables DO NOT end up in the final product.

Heated Volumetric Filling Machine

Every pour has to be above the required weight every time. The heating elements ensure the product flows easily, at just the right temperature, between 30-40 bars per minute.

Cup Die-nester and Cooling Tunnel

Like clockwork, the cup dispenser deposits the cups on the slow moving conveyor, filled with product, and then slowly cooled down to the point where the conditioner bars can be popped out and packaged.

Cartoner Machine

And into your custom carton (box) they go along with a batch number/production date.

Ready for Shipment

For larger orders and repeat clients. We will have custom master-shipper made to hold roughly 200 units and weigh less than 50 pounds. This makes shipping and handling to you or a Fulfillment Center as easy as possible. Need custom master-shippers for Amazon? We can do that too.

Cups Being Used

These cups are specially made for us to fit our equipment.
While we only use the cups once or twice, they are 100% recycled.

Silicone molds are NOT a perfect solution either.
A 7,500 bar run would require at least 3000 cavities.
The cost to purchase all those molds is not too bad.
Conditioner bar materials like BTMS-50 are not water
soluble and only fall off the silicone in the wash.

The person washing the cavities has to soak each mold for several minutes in very hot water and then make sure the free conditioner pieces do not end up back in the cavities. This means the water has to be replaced or reheated constantly.

Drying 3,000 cavities is going to take around 6 racks and 6 full size totes to store. Some silicone molds will transfer some color to the product you are pouring inside of them. We have seen this with shave soap and Melt & Pour soaps. Still think silicone molds are the best way to go?


Product Packaging

  • At 7,000+ conditioner bars per run, boxes are a must.
  • We can hand-load with top-loading boxes or machine-load from the side. Machine, or Cartoner, is the best way to go as it does it all.
  • Most clients already have their packaging supplier and this is preferred by us because its less to worried about on our end. We do have packaging companies who we can recommend..
We can make over 50,000 pieces a week on this production line.

Craft Your Dream Product

Ready to turn you project into reality? Click below to fill out our custom shave soap request form and let’s create a personalized shave soap experience just for you.

Happy Customers

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Find answers to commonly asked questions about private label shampoo manufacturing, including minimum order quantities, lead times, and customization options.

Private label melt and pour soap manufacturing involves creating soap bars using a pre-made soap base, which can be customized with your brand’s label and packaging. It’s an efficient way to have your own unique soap product without the complexities of soap making from scratch.
Custom Soap Colorado offers extensive customization options, a commitment to quality, competitive pricing, and a quick turnaround. We work closely with you to bring your vision to life.
We provide options for choosing soap base, color, fragrance, shape, and size. You can also add custom labels and stamps to make the soap uniquely yours.

The MOQ for solid shampoo bar production is 5,000 bars.

The custom die for the cups is roughly $3900

The minimum order of cups is 50k @ $.12 per cup

Note, we are happy to store the cups as long as the orders are coming in.  However, if 6 months passes without an order being processed, we might ask that the cups be shipped to the client or dealt with accordingly.  We can not sit on materials indefinitely.

There might be a cost to make new tooling for the equipment.

Unfortunately no.   We will palatalize the unit boxes into secondary master shippers and send them via freight.  We recommend against sending 35 large boxes via ground as they will be heavily damaged in the process and cost you 5X more.

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