Extruded Soap: Experience the Perfectly Crafted Bars In Bulk

At Custom Soap Colorado, we revolutionize soap production with our dynamic extrusion technique. By forcefully injecting a soap mixture into molds, we create flawless bars that are consistently shaped and sized. This not only saves valuable time and resources but also opens up endless possibilities for imaginative designs.

With our top-quality solutions, exclusively designed for those in need of large quantities of shampoo, conditioner, and body soap bars, we deliver excellence like no other in the soap industry.

The Benefits Of Using Extruded Soap

The revolutionary soap manufacturing process skillfully melds glycerin with carefully selected essential ingredients, culminating in exceptional bars of premium soap.
Experience the ultimate luxury of our innovative soap-making method. Unlike traditional methods that strip away vital glycerine, we retain it for enhanced hydration. But we don’t stop there – each bar is infused with nourishing coconut oil, refreshing rose geranium oil, soothing shea butter, and rejuvenating jojoba oil. Our state-of-the-art machines meticulously craft these bars with various nozzle options to create stunningly unique designs. Elevate your bathing routine with our exquisitely shaped and expertly formulated bars of pure indulgence. Unleash your creativity and elevate your personal care routine with our extraordinary soap. It’s more than just moisturizing – it’s a game-changer for the environment. Our genius vacuum system recycles leftover liquid noodles, making it an eco-warrior that slashes waste.

What Is Extruded Soap?

Experience the power of our revolutionary soap-making technique. With guaranteed precision in size, shape, and texture for every bar, this dynamic method surpasses all others. Prepare to be amazed by its multitude of unique features and benefits that will elevate your soap experience to new heights.


These bars offer unparalleled size and shape consistency, surpassing all other soap-making methods. Their precision and reliability make them an indispensable choice for manufacturers pursuing perfection.

Speed and Efficiency​

The process is incredibly efficient, enabling the rapid production of soap bars. With a high-capacity extrusion machine, we can manufacture a large quantity of soap bars in record time. This is crucial for meeting soaring demands and guaranteeing prompt deliveries.

Design Versatility​

Unleash your creativity with this soap. Customize colors, scents, and additives effortlessly. Craft bespoke creations that captivate diverse market niches and exceed consumer expectations.


Automated soap manufacturing revolutionizes the industry, slashing labor costs and supercharging efficiency. It's the ultimate choice for businesses seeking to unleash a torrent of high-quality soap bars in record time.


The Process

To truly understand how we create these exquisite soap bars, let’s explore the technique:


We meticulously measure and blend a unique combination of ingredients and fragrances. The magic happens when we tailor this formulation to your desired soap type.

Heating and Mixing

We heat the mixture to activate reactions and create soap. We closely monitor and maintain optimal conditions for this vital process. Meanwhile, we combine fragrances and additives to achieve the desired scent and texture.


This is the heart of the operation. We pump the meticulously prepared mixture into our state-of-the-art processor. This cutting-edge machine is equipped with molds specifically designed to shape each bar. With utmost precision and control, we guarantee uniformity in every single product that leaves our facility.

Cooling and Solidifying

The freshly made soap bars are swiftly cooled to set their perfect shape. This can be sped up by sending them through a cooling tunnel or using other advanced cooling methods, tailored specifically for each unique soap recipe.

Cutting and Shaping

After the soap bars cool and harden, they are skillfully cut and shaped into their desired proportions.


Curing is the crucial phase that transforms soap bars from soft and wet to firm and solid. The length of time required for curing depends on the specific soap recipe and desired outcome.

Quality Control

Each soap bar undergoes rigorous quality control to ensure it meets our impeccable standards for texture, appearance, and scent.


Each soap bar undergoes our strict quality control process before being meticulously wrapped to maintain its freshness and integrity. With a variety of packaging options, including customizable branding, we guarantee that your product will stand out in the market.

Our Services

Why Choose Custom Soap Colorado

Choose Colorado Soap as your soap manufacturing supplier and unlock a world of unparalleled loyalty, exceptional quality, groundbreaking innovation, and unmatched convenience. Our commitment to excellence ensures that every bar of soap is meticulously crafted with care. We continuously defy industry limits by introducing fresh ideas and products that will elevate your brand above the competition. With our streamlined processes and efficient production methods, getting the soap you need has never been easier. Trust Colorado Soap to deliver nothing but the best for your business.


Our team of expert soap artisans are true masters in the art of crafting sensational soap bars. With their remarkable skills and abundant resources, they create exquisite soaps that will surpass all your expectations.

Custom Solutions

We understand that your business is one-of-a-kind. That’s why we offer customized services to perfectly align with your brand and cater to your customers’ preferences. Whether you have a specific soap bar design or need help with formulation, count on us to deliver exactly what you need.

High-Quality Ingredients

At our company, we carefully select the finest soap ingredients. We prioritize quality, sustainability, and durability in every choice we make. With an unwavering commitment to using only the best resources available, we guarantee that your soap bars will be exceptional.

Cutting-Edge Equipment

Immerse yourself in the world of our revolutionary soap manufacturing equipment. Our cutting-edge machinery guarantees seamless and accurate production of premium soap bars that surpass your business expectations.

Competitive Pricing

At our company, we empower you to achieve your business goals with affordable solutions. Our pricing ensures strong and healthy profit margins for you.

Outstanding Customer Support

Choose us for all your soap needs and experience exceptional customer support. We guarantee outstanding customer support, cherish our client relationships and are committed to helping you succeed.

Get Started with Custom Soap Colorado

Ready to take your soap-making venture to new heights? Look no further than Colorado Soap. As industry veterans, we provide top-notch equipment and unparalleled expertise to help you create high volumes of shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bars. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures that your products will stand out in this competitive market. Contact us today for a quote and let us help your business thrive!

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